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The APCSF offers members the means to represent their interests and to positively influence the regulation of their professional practice.

Finance and insurance professionals who become members in the APCSF help promote the interests of members by acting as a lobbyist with governments. Members can also take advantage of various financial benefits that the APCSF negotiates for them.

Novice Member

$ 36 / Year

You are just starting out; you want to get involved in the future of the profession. The APCSF would like to encourage you by offering a reduced rate for the first two years as a financial services advisor.

Regular Member

$ 150 / Year

You are an independent financial advisor; the profession of financial services advisor is important to you; you would like to get involved; you want to become a member to support the development of the profession.

Firm Member

$ 500 / Year

You own a financial services firm; you are among the leaders of the financial industry; you wish to support the development of the profession of financial services advisor.



Defend your professional interests
Be part of an elite network
Professional development
Special offers and exclusive discounts
Legal services


Membership to the APCSF is open to all financial services advisors licensed by the AMF and who practice one of these specialties:
Personal Insurance
Group Savings
Financial Planning
Mortgage Broker
Plans and Stock Market Representative


Members of the APCSF are financial service firm owners and independent financial service advisors.