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Board of Directors 2021


CA 2021 Members

Flavio Vani


Group Savings and Market Exempt Representative

President of Assurance et Produits Financiers Vani Inc. (APFV) since 1992. Flavio completed his university studies at the University of Montreal in 1988 and holds a Bachelor of Science, a specialization in Industrial Relation, B.Sc.R.I.

Flavio also holds the titles of Financial Security Advisor, Group Insurance and Annuity Advisor, Groupe Savings Representative, Broker Representative (Exempt Market) and Certified Mortgage Broker.

Well surrounded in the field, he has worked in the financial industry for more than 28 years! Also, since June 2013, Flavio is the President and spokesperson for the Professional Association of Financial Service Advisors (APCSF).



Patrice Lortie


Patrice Lortie’s professional career in advising and dispensing financial services has spanned nearly thirty years, both in property and casualty insurance, as well as in personal and investment insurance, all in collaboration with national companies, such as the Investors Group, Global Maxfin Investments, Investia Financial Services, and other smaller companies.

At 16, he started working part-time in the family business at IARD insurance brokerage. During the same year, he studied to obtain the title of associate insurance broker. Over the following years, he worked in sales, underwriting, and accounting, eventually leading to the administrative side of the firm, where 42 employees worked. In five years, their sales figures had increased tenfold.

During these five years, he enrolled in various university programs, such as Financial Management at HEC, Initiation to Stock Markets at the Montreal Stock Exchange and General Law at the University of Montreal.

In 1992, Mr. Lortie joined Investors Group as an advisor. He held this position for 11 years, during which time he broadened his education in the insurance and investment fields, as well as attended the Université de Québec à Montréal to obtain a certificate in Insurance and Financial Intervention. At the same time, he perfected his skills by attending specialized workshops presented by Tom Hopkins, Ron Carson, Michael E. Gerber, and other renowned “coaches”. This diversified training allowed him to build a loyal clientele. It was around this time he began to conduct seminars specific to this field.

In 2003, he joined Global Maxfin Investments as Regional Sales Director for Quebec and the Atlantic provinces, where he stood out as a ringleader and main player in the acquisition of a financial services firm and the opening of three new branches. During this time, he studied at the Canadian Securities Institute and the Institute of Canadian Bankers.

Since 2001, he has been involved in the Chambre de la sécurité financière, in which the Laurentians division won many awards. Successively, he was the director, chairman of the board of directors, vice-president of training, and finally president of the division.

Today, as a partner in the Moreau-Gignac Financial Group and branch manager for Investia Financial Services Inc., he founded his own financial services firm: Polyclinique de la finance ltée. Based on the depth of his experiences acquired over the years, both in brokerage and in the “career” network fields, as well as driven by the desire to share his knowledge to promote the development of the profession, he now offers the opportunity to benefit from his sound, wise and provident advice. In addition, everything is offered in an unfettered brokerage framework, freed, and removed from any specific dependence on a range of products or services.



Nacera Zergane


Holder of the title of Financial Security Advisor and Group Savings Representative, Mrs. Nacera Zergane has worked in the financial field since 1995. She has been a member of the APCSF since 2010 and has been actively involved as secretary on the Board of Directors since 2017.

Concerned about the future of her profession, she would like to contribute in giving this vocation a recognized and valued professional framework for those who aspire to practice it. To ensure the responsibilities required as a financial advisor are adhered to, she became a member of the disciplinary committee of the Financial Security Chamber for two terms.

Before settling in Quebec in 1993, she worked for 15 years at the Ministry of Planning and Territorial Development in her country of origin, as an Applied Economics Analyst, after finishing her university studies in economy. From adolescence, she became involved in various associations to defend women’s rights, secularism, and its Amazigh culture. Therefore, it is only natural she continues her civic engagement in Quebec. For several years, she was a member of the Amazigh Center of Montreal, an association that works to promote Amazigh culture.

Currently, she is part of the PDF Quebec team which watches over the rights of women in Quebec, she is a member of the Secular Movement of Quebec and, finally, a member of the Humanist Foundation of Quebec.

What she is most proud of are her 2 children who are accomplished professionals. Beyond their professional success, she has been able to convey to them wonderful universal values, both on a personal and professional level, which constitutes for her, the crowning achievement of her commitment.




Frédéric Perman


Vice-President of Business Development

Frédéric Perman began his career in supplying financial services in 1995 at London Life as a Financial Securities Consultant.

In 1997, he became Director of New Advisors and, four years later, Managing Director of Business Development, which led him to position 5 new consultants amongst the elite MDRT.

It was in 2006 he decided to create his own firm, supplying financial services as always. He opened an Associate General Agency. Its mission was to support advisors whose career was in the brokerage industry, facilitate succession, and provide support as a business development consultant.

In 2007, he became the owner of the new Montreal office of Force Financière Excel, this time, as a general agent.

In 2011, he took responsibility for the entire business development department of Force Financière Excel.

In 2012, he joined Financière S_Entiel, a company where development is key. As part of his activities as Vice-President of Business Development, he opted to optimize his visibility by taking part in events as a speaker and by maximizing social networks, among other things.

During all these years, Frédéric managed to reconcile work with his family life, having 5 children.

In 2009, another turning point in his life occurred: Frédéric bought a bicycle and began once again exercising using two wheels. Being 65 pounds overweight, the first few turns were quite difficult; however, with discipline and dedication, he managed to lose almost 35 pounds in the first year and the rest in the following years.

Challenges do not scare him. In 2011, he chose to put a little more pressure on himself by committing to the famous cycling activity « Paris-Brest-Paris », a 1200-kilometer circuit done in 69 hours (including break time). He finished in the first 20%.

Consequently, he demonstrates yet another of his talents: the art of communicating, while positioning himself as a mentor not only in business development, but by being an example of someone taking charge of themselves physically, mentally, and morally, all while maintaining a balance throughout all areas of his life.

Frédéric understands that challenges exist to help us persevere and go further.



Josef Mory


A dynamic, energetic, and dedicated person with strong interpersonal skills, creative problem-solving instincts and a results-oriented, bottom-line approach to business with access to a large network of professionals, supported by solid experience in sales and marketing in financial services.

Always listening and committed to clients by building strong longterm relationships and provide excellent standards of service and client satisfaction.

•Goal oriented,
•Passionate about life,
•Creative & Adventuresome Spirit,
•In search of excellence
•Constant thirst for knowledge,



Michael Luciani


Group Savings Representative 1
Independent Representative
Financial Securities Consultant
Group Insurance and Annuity Advisor

I am pleased to introduce myself to you, knowing that my experience of more than 38 years in the field of financial services will guide and support you during your financial procedures and situations, all in an increasingly complex world. I hold the professional designation of Certified Life Insurer and Financial Security Advisor. I have a license in group savings (mutual funds) and as advisor in group insurance and annuities. I practice these disciplines as an independent advisor, which guarantees my objectivity in offering services and products without any possible conflict of interest. As an added value, I am proud to participate in the improvement of our industry through my involvement as CA of the Professional Association of Financial Service Advisors for the past ten years and as Vice-President of this association since 2013. Protecting the interests and assets of my clients is essential in my practice!



Henriette Bichai


Henriette Bichai is a senior professional executive in the financial world. In this field, her name has become synonymous with growth, integrity, and success. She was the first and the youngest woman in Quebec to have her own General Financial Services Agency. She has since sold her successful organization and taken on leadership roles in several provinces across Canada. Her specialty is transforming potential goals into tangible and quantifiable achievements. She is a force with which to be reckoned.

Henriette is very passionate about equality, human rights, education, and the struggle for women’s empowerment. She talks about freedom, rights, leadership, development, and the rise to power. She defends and mentors women and children, aspiring leaders, and businesswomen. She teaches management skills and problem solving. She promotes financial education, and is adept at structuring plans to accumulate, preserve and transfer wealth. Henriette masters the art of persuasion and intergenerational communication. She is a strong and tenacious woman: for her, the greater the challenge, the more interesting the task.